Devlog #2: Pillars

weeks of 2018/01/01 - 2018/01/15


What I have done

Level Loading

Levels now get loaded from file. This might not seem like that important at first sight. But it was something that needed to work from the start.  I plan to add an editor for making levels, thus loading from file is a bit important. Besides loading and saving files I also looked at asset bundles understanding a but more about unity loading files.

Central Pillars

In these 2 weeks I expanded my level loader to also load in pillars, these pillars will be used to visualize what action can be done where. This also makes the changed where you no longer can rotate or move any pillar, but only select few.

When selecting a pillar with a central pillar on it will tell you what keyboard button you can press to activate it. I plan to have this better visualized after the next 2 weeks.


This finalizes the 3rd platform mechanic. There are still a lot of checks that need to be added to these mechanics, but those are only possible ones it is relevant.  One of those checks for example Was only allowed to rotate a block if it is selected. Selecting was reworked and pillar controls was thus also changed to fit these new cases.

What I want to do next

  • UI system
  • Main character control
  • Some Menu's


I plan to do an update post every 2 weeks, more for myself then anything. But you can read it too.

you can find me on twitter as @orcolom. I'll probably start posting more dev posts there.

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