Devlog #4: what happened to 3?

weeks of 2018/01/15 - 2018/02/12

What happened to 3?

let's first get this out of the way. While I actually thought devlog 2 would have been skipped or lacking in stuff done. It turned out it was actually devlog 3.
During the weeks of devlog 3 were my exams, so I was expecting the toll. What I did not expect was having no internet while on vacation. Writing a devlog was hard, thus I decided to skip that one.


What I have done

Navigation Mesh

I learned how navigation meshes work in unity. Because I load levels at run-time I needed to have a navmesh that get created at run-time. these are separate components in unity that I never saw before.

You can see that it can move over the bridges but wont move if it can't reach the platform


This is where I spend most of devlog 3 would have spend on. but in the end I scrapped everything and started from scratch. 

I had this idea for a UI but realized that it was convoluted and against the minimalism I want to keep in the design. So I reworked it to this. 
While obviously the graphics still need work, the idea and mechanics are there.

So level select will be what I cal the overworld, where every level will be represented by a single platform.

Also have a action ribbon where you can add actions and then either by pressing the key or clicking the button you will preform the action. At the moment this only works wit platforms, but this part of a bigger problem I noticed when trying to add the character to the ribbon

What I want to do next

  • Fix selecting/ action ribbon / anything related
  • Main character control


I plan to do an update post every 2 weeks, more for myself then anything. But you can read it too.

you can find me on twitter as @orcolom. I'll probably start posting more develop related posts there.

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