Devlog #5: Under the hood

weeks of 2018/01/15 - 2018/02/12

What happened to 3?

let's first get this out of the way. While I actually thought devlog 2 would have been skipped or lacking in stuff done. It turned out it was actually devlog 3. During the weeks of devlog 3 were my exams, so I was expecting the toll. What I did not expect was having no internet while on vacation. Writing a devlog was hard, thus I decided to skip that one.


What I have done

Under the hood

So as planned I redid how actions work under the hood. Now I can do one action or do a complex action that takes an update. I also changes some uninteresting things under the hood like place all referenced game assets in one class.

What I want to do next

  • Level Editor
  • Bridges


I plan to do an update post every 2 weeks, more for myself then anything. But you can read it too.
You can find me on twitter as @orcolom. I'll probably start posting more develop related posts there.

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