Game Obelisk is a puzzle game that is built up from 9 chunks.

Chunks have bridges that drop down when they align with each other. Two lit chunks can be swapped with each other. Some of them are linked together with connectors and can be rotated from a distance. Some have walls that divide the chunk into two parts. Sometimes you're joined by a partner and you have to get through the level together.

Your objective is to get everyone to the shrine. Some levels have multiple solutions so how you get there is up to you!

BottomBorder BuildGif Controls

  • W A S D to move
  • Q and E to rotate the senders / connectors
  • Tab to switch character

BottomBorder Character Character We're 3 students, 2 of us entering for the first time and 1 who has done it once before.
orcolom: Twitter Programmer
stroeckx: Twitter Programmer
sooi: Twitter Art, music

More information

Published 210 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorsOrcolom, Stroeckx, sooi
TagsLudum Dare 38, Minimalist, monument-valley
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLudum Dare

Install instructions

During Ludum Dare we didn't find time, Lets be honest, we forgot, to add a quit button. So do not play in full screen mode.


Obelisk-exe.zip 15 MB


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I thought this was a great game, I put a short review on my blog: https://medium.com/@strictlypuzzlegames/obelisk-review-69642a61d651